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Want to thank everyone at Optec. I put two units on two of my cars one a 300C all wheel Hemi Chrysler and one on my ML500 Mercedes the performance increase is beyond any words and beyond my wildest expectations. Turned car into a fast machine when it was just average. Better gas mileage and unbelievable performance increase. If VW and Audi and Fiat Chrysler put this device on there diesel it would fix the problem with out program change or new Catalytic converter replacement saving them time and money! Again thanks for making my two cars perform beyond my wildest expectations. I will put them on my other three cars. Just love the performance increase. I find myself driving faster. Just love it. Thanks again. I am a huge fan

Larry Zimmerman

Thank you for installing the fuel optimizer on to my Toyota and on to my Dodge Diesel Truck. The Toyota Tacoma has put over 10,000 miles since your installation of the device. Before the device was installed I was getting 14.3 miles per gallon of gas. Since your installation I’ve got 16 miles per gallon and sometimes better, if I’m freeway driving. The vehicle performance has really been enhanced also. It’s amazing the results are incredible. My Dodge Diesel Truck, has had even better results. An increase of over 2 miles per gallon. With an increase of performance also. This vehicle is only used for long distance travel at high speeds, sometimes pulling a fully loaded toy box. I also Haul a dump trailer with it. It has increased in Mileage and performance, but even more so than my Toyota gas truck. Again, thank you for you professional installations and 24x7 assistance. I look forward to a future with better performance and mileage thanks to you sir.

Jim Davis, Retired Fire Captain

I installed the fuel Maximizer on my 2015 TRD Tundra. We use this Tundra as the Pace Truck for the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach as well as select NASCAR events. My first impression was an immediate power gain. The truck is more responsive on the throttle with much smoother shifting and a noticeable difference in uphill driving. Although my basis is “seat of the pants” feel, I would highly recommend this product. The Maximizer required no further tuning and it was simple to install. Thank you, Corbin, and thank you Optec

Marty Schwerter

Owner Motorsports Technical Center Inc. Program Manager TRD / Toyota Motorsports

I had the OPTEC Fuel Maximizer unit installed on my 2013 Nissan Maxima in 2017. My car has a 6 cylinder 3.5 liter engine. An immediate power increase was realized upon installation. The car’s power felt stronger and zippier. The car was truly more fun to drive with this increase in power. Shortly afterwards, my gas mileage increased from 20% to 25% overall, depending on how I drove the car. I am quite happy with both the performance and gas savings the OPTEC Fuel Maximizer unit provides.

I had the OPTEC Fuel Maximizer (Mini prototype) unit installed on my 2014 BMW GS F800 in June of 2018. My motorcycle has a 800cc twin cylinder engine. The motorcycle immediately ran stronger and quicker upon installation of the unit. “It feels as though the power band comes on a good 1,000 rpm’s sooner than before.” Throttle response is greatly enhanced. A good, solid, noticeable power increase is realized in all gears. The performance increase is particularly noticeable in the taller 4th, 5th and 6th gears. My gas savings depends on how hard I drive the motorcycle. I have achieved up to a 10% gas mileage savings along with the power increase. I believe all motorcyclist will be thrilled with the power performance and gas savings the Optec Fuel Maximizer unit provides.

Bill Morris

I have pulled some data to compare operation of the two vehicles prior to and post OPTEC. We chose two vehicles a 2012 CHEVROLET COLORADO PICKUP and a 2008 FORD F350 TRUCK for this demo and recording of gallons of fuel and miles used for a duration. For the time period, we used months of operation selecting three months prior and the month’s post OPTEC. The first week my crew noticed the Chevy seemed to maintain cruising speed with very light peddle pressure as well as driving up hill. The next week the Ford was added a OPTEC device and used to make a delivery to LA. During this drive, the crew noticed the range to empty on the dash only changed by 30 miles during the four-hour round trip. Both vehicles do show some operational and fuel improvements for the first month vs the average of three months prior to OPTEC. I do think it will take more months to calculate an annual savings for these two vehicles. I will say that my PD fleet may have a better margin due to their operations. I have listed two PD candidates for this trial. 2012 CHEVROLET COLORADO Z260 Prior 3month average mpg 26.73 OPTEC install two month ave mpg 27.41 2008 Ford F350 Z112 Prior 3-month Average Mpg 9.58 Post OPTEC install Two month Ave mpg 12.43  PD patrol candidates for OPTEC+ trial      2016 FORD EXPL SUV POLICE

Edwin Barr

Supervisor Fleet Operations City of Carlsbad

I want to confirm that we installed two units on Semi Trucks. One was a freightliner and the other a Volvo. These are coast to coast semis and we saw an improvement of MPG by 20%+.

Bert Gamboa

Director of Buisness Development
TSOL Marketing Holdings

I, Bert Boeckmann, owner of Galpin Motors, believe that Optimized Fuel Technologies, Inc. has a very viable emission reduction product. I have become an investor in the Company to help expedite its growth because I like the results I have seen, and the Company seems on firm footing and under good management. The Company has received their Executive Order from California for diesel passenger cars and light trucks. We have an ongoing working relationship with the Company and help them in the best manner we can when requested. We have received copies of their Executive Order, test results for emissions and their Patent for the technology and everything seems to be in order for the Company to move forward. Furthermore, the device also has shown that it helps with the gas mileage. We have provided several cars to them for their testing. We will continue to work with the Company in any manner we can. It is my recommendation that Optimized Fuel Technologies, Inc. be a consideration for the MetroConnect Grant.

Herbert ("Bert") F. Boeckmann

Owner & CEO, Galpin Motors

I notice the power improvement immediately, particularly on the steep hill close to our home. The engine was noticeably smoother and I was using less revs. The improvement in performance surprised my wife on her fist drive after fitting the Optec unit. Having worked at car magazines for over 15 years I am familiar with testing vehicles and I estimate that my Range Rover now has about 5-8% more power. My average gas mileage has gone from 12.9mpg to 14.1mpg.

Joe Richelieu

2011 RANGE ROVER HSE Supercharged 5.0 L / 510 hp V8 Optec Fuel Maximizer fitted July 26 2018


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