OPTEC Fuel Maximizer

Advanced Fuel Cell Technology that emits a micro amount of hydrogen
into the combustion chamber.

A Micro Oxy-Hydrogen Fuel Cell

How does OPTEC
produce hydrogen?

The hydrogen is produced by low-voltage non-thermal plasma electrolysis.

Why does OPTEC
not need a water reservoir?

The non-thermal electrolysis process is initiated by a metallic catalyst. Metallic electrodes do not have to be immersed in water to produce hydrogen and oxygen as they interact with just the water in ambient air. The interaction is through atmospheric pressure plasmas located between the electrode tips and the water surface.

What does OPTEC do to an internal combustion engine?

The OPTEC Technology completes the combustion of the fuel by improving the ignitability of the fuel, increasing the flame speed and combustion stability, and increases the thermal efficiency by creating a higher compression ratio resulting in-

  • Lower NOx
  • Reduced pumping loss
  • Improvement in thermodynamics
  • Reduction of friction (downsizing)
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What outcomes/benefits does this have for the customer?

  • Increase in performance and improves throttle response
  • Maximum mpg potential
  • Improvement in thermodynamics
  • Reduces emissions
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