The OPTEC™ Fuel Maximizer was originally designed with the long-haul trucking industry in mind.
The transportation of goods is a cornerstone of success.
Optimized Fuel Technologies wanted to support that by finding a solution to painful fuel costs
and setting up an environment safety net.

With the OPTEC™ Fuel Maximizer, your company is reaping rewards across the board cutting fuel costs, time spend on maintenance,
improving vehicle performance and earning a badge of environmental awareness.


For Medium Weight Class Commercial Vehicles

  • Delivery Trucks/Vans (UPS, FedEx, USPS)
  • Buses
  • Motor Homes
  • Mid-Range Commercial Vehicles
  • Various Construction Vehicles

Installed within 60 minutes.

Commercial HD

For 14,000+ On-Road Vehicles or Any Off-Road/Construction Equipment

  • Long Haul Transportation
  • Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Industrial & Mining Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Commercial Marine Engines

Installed within 60 minutes.

Typical Commercial Heavy-Duty Challenges:

  • High cost of fuel due to combustion inefficiency
  • Load capacity and torque challenges from overall engine performance
  • Emissions

Engine Losses: 68% - 72%

58% - 62%
Thermal, such as radiator, exhaust heat, etc.

Parasitic Losses: 4% - 6%

(e.g., water pump, alternator, etc.)
58% - 62%
Power to Wheels
Dissipated as:
9% - 12%
Wind resistance
5% - 7%
Rolling resistance
5% - 7%

Idle Losses

5% - 6%

Drivetrain Losses

Only 14%–30% of a vehicle’s fuel energy is used...

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OPTEC™ Commercial Fuel Maximizer Solution

Substantially increases engine burn rate resulting in:
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Cleaner combustion process
  • Maximized engine performance
  • Improved torque & payload

OPTEC test Fuel Consumtion (GPH)

This chart reflects Mesilla Valley Transportation Test Results 5% fuel saved

Hours Run Time
Compare Trailer
Modified/OPTECT Trailer