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OPTEC is ecstatic about their recently introduced OPTEC Zuumer. Over the last several months, our Electric Vehicle (EV) Division has worked efficiently and endlessly on perfecting the new electric scooter. OPTEC EV provides the safest electric scooter on the market. With the unfortunate rise of electric scooter accidents, OPTEC strives to always put safety first. With Lean2Steer technology, all terrain (wet or dry) traction, and 100-mile charge capability, OPTEC EV has created an electric scooter that is undoubtedly unmatched. The OPTEC Zuumer has a wide, platform deck for instant vehicle engagement and immediate dismount capability due to immediate response all-wheeled brakes system. It is the perfect solution for EMT first responders, police and other rescue services. It is also the perfect solution for crowd control and congested cities.

Zuumers available April 2019 – our team is now taking pre-orders.

Check out the Zuumer page!